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Nebraska Association of Transportation Providers was formed to promote effective, efficient public transportation throughout Nebraska.  NATP supports acceptable public transportation that is accessible to all, particularly the aged, handicapped and anyone who would otherwise be without affordable transportation.

NATP proudly represents 67 rural transit systems and the two urban systems in our state, Lincoln’s StarTran and Omaha’s Metro Area Transit. The Association has a membership that covers the entire state from Dawes County in the Northwest to Richardson County in the Southeast and from Kimball County in the Southwest to Dakota County in the Northeast.  

View the NATP Newsletter! ~ June 2015 NATP Newsletter

If you are looking for transportation in your area or for a way to travel across the state the Nebraska Transit Directory is available at  


Older Nebraskans Day at the Nebraska State Fair - September 2, 2015 - Grand Island, NE
**NATP will have an informational booth.

NATP Drivers Training & Roadeo - September 22-23, 2015 - Kearney, NE
**Watch for registration brochure coming soon!


Transit Driver Training Requirements

Register for NDOR Driver Training events by clicking on the following link: