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Our goal is to provide adequate, safe and affordable transportation that is essential to the economic health and vitality of our communities, large or small. Public transportation is a major key to maintaining an independent and productive life for all members of our communities.

It is clearly in our State’s interest to encourage the development and continuation of a balanced public transit system. It must be responsive to the needs and limitations of individual riders and each community. All human and financial resources must be used efficiently to do this.

Nebraska Association of Transportation Providers was formed to promote effective, efficient public transportation throughout Nebraska. NATP supports public transportation that is accessible to all, particularly the aged, handicapped and anyone who would otherwise be without transportation.

Access to medical, business employment, social and supporting services is fundamental to all of us. Public transportation is a key element in allowing Nebraska citizens to maintain their independence, dignity and self-respect.

As a member of NATP you will:

  • Become a vital link in a statewide information exchange
  • Actively promote the development and continuation of public transportation systems.
  • Actively promote information sharing and coordination among Nebraska’s transit systems.
  • Assist in the development of a statewide platform to address transportation issues/needs.
  • Professionalize the transportation industry in Nebraska.
  • Actively promotes communication/cooperation among all persons, professions, and organizations concerned with public transportation.
  • Actively promotes better understanding and interest in the field of public transportation.
  • Actively promotes and encourages professionalism in public transportation operators through research, training and educational opportunities.

Our Objectives:

  • Maximize Federal/State resources in the development and expansion of public and specialized transportation systems in Nebraska.
  • Promote the development and coordination of these systems to ensure maximum use of all resources.
  • Educate the public about the importance of public transportation systems.
  • Encourage local support, diversity and innovation in the delivery of transportation services.

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